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Join Avondale Pony Club

New Members

  1. Select the 'Sign Up' from the Pony Club Australia site, complete the details and ensure you Select "Avondale (St Ives) in the Club or Riding Centre Drop Down.

  2. Hit the Sign Up button when complete to submit your membership request for approval.  Once Approved you will get a notification and you can log back into the system to attach a membership type.  If you need further help to renew your membership please contact the Membership Secretary for assistance

  3. Final Step one you're signed up is to complete the Avondale Membership form


Returning Members  (2024 renewals open)

  1. Sign in with your ID from the Pony club NSW site. 

  2. You can then go ahead and renew your riding and non riding memberships in the system.  If you need further help to renew your membership please contact the Membership Secretary for assistance

  3. Final Step is to complete a new  Avondale Membership form


  • We  ARE NOT a riding school and all members must own or lease a horse or pony as we do not have horses available to ride

  • If you are a junior member one Pony Club NSW 'non riding' Parent membership is also required.

  • You can use 2023 Active Kids vouchers before Feb 1 2024 and the new means tested 2024 vouchers if you are eligible off membership.  More Info and have your number handy when Registering

Questions: Contact the Membership Secretary

Join Avondale Pony Club

By completing this form and paying Pony Club NSW my membership fees:

  1. I confirm that any PCA affiliated riders above can walk, trot, canter and safely control their horse(s). The final assessment of this minimum skill requirement remains at the sole discretion of the Club Senior Instructor.

  2. I understand that if my child is under the age of 17 (a junior rider) I must arrange for a parent or adult guardian to be in attendance at all times at each Rally Day or other event (even if held at an alternative location).

  3. I agree to provide the above riders with a suitable mount and all suitable gear for both horse and rider as necessary to enable them to participate safely in the riding services, activities and facilities provided by the Club.

  4. I understand that if my child or their mount suffers from any medical conditions I must make these known to the Club Senior Instructor and Secretary prior to my first Rally Day.

  5. I understand that any member (junior/child/family, associate or Non-PCA membership) using the grounds does so AT THEIR OWN RISK. 

  6. I agree to indemnify the Club and it’s Office Bearers in respect of any legal liability to the maximum extent permitted by law that the Club or Officer Bearers may have towards the riders which in any way arises from the rider’s use of the mount and/or gear provided by me and whilst the rider is participating in the horse riding services, activities and facilities provided by the Club.

  7. Non-PCA members cannot ride on the grounds on Club Rally days without permission of the Senior Instructor.

  8. By completing this form I understand and acknowledge that horse sports are dangerous activities and horses can act in sudden, unpredictable and changeable ways. I understand and acknowledge that serious injury or death may result from horse sport activities and hereby indemnify Avondale Horse & Pony Club Incorporated and it’s Officer Bearers from all liability to the greatest extent allowable by law in the event that either myself, children under my care or the care of their nominated guardian suffer injury or death.

  9. I understand that it is the responsibility of the rider and/or guardian to be familiar with the level of Insurance cover provided by Pony Club Australia via Gow Gates

  10. I agree that in the case of emergency the Club is authorised to have Medical and/or Ambulance Services called for the above applicants and that I will bear the full costs of any such services.

  11. I understand that parent volunteers are responsible for the running of Avondale Pony Club and as such I have either nominated for a Committee Role or will Volunteer at a minimum of 3 Avondale Events/Maintenance Days OR agree to pay the required Assistance Levy of $150 per family. All parents are expected to help with Rally Days.

  12. I understand that any person who is or has been a member of another Pony Club during the last 5 years wishing to join Avondale must obtain a transfer from their previous club and that transfer must accompany this Membership Application.

  13. I understand that as a member of the club I am required to attend two maintenance days throughout the year or make a payment in lieu to the club.

  14. I understand it is my responsibility to be familiar with the Pony Club NSW Members Handbook

I give permission to be photographed and for the photos to be published and used on social media

Thanks for submitting!

Join Avondale Pony Club: Feedback Form
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