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Non Exclusive Hire


Exclusive Hire of Grounds


  • $35 per rider >4 Riders

  • $30 per rider 5+ Riders


  1. Avondale PC will accept Non Exclusive Grounds Hire bookings where there are no existing calendar bookings eg  PC Rally Days or Exclusive Use

  2. Bookings will be added to the calendar so Avondale PC and Avondale Grounds Members are aware that a Coach/Instructor will also be using the grounds

  3. Booking Duration

    • Use of the Grounds is for a maximum of 4hrs unless otherwise agreed with Avondale Pony Club.  Booking times are either:-

    • 9am – 1pm or

    • 1:30 – 5:30pm


*bookings outside of these times to be discussed and agreed with Avondale PC Membership Secretary

**Instructors charge their own fee in addition to the Avondale PC Grounds Hire fee


Important Note:

Current Avondale PC and Grounds Members are exempt from paying any Grounds Hire charge.  However they still count towards the overall rider numbers.


Example: Coach has 5 riders and 1 is a current PC Member.  Riders qualify for the $30 per rider fee even though the PC Member will not pay any Grounds Hire.  Amount due to the club is $30 x 4 = $120


  • $35 per rider >4 Riders (see minimum charge)

  • $30 per rider 5+ Riders (see minimum charge)

·      *Note: Exclusive Hire has a minimum charge of:

o   $250 for 4hrs

o   $500 full day


  1. Avondale PC agrees to add the booking to the Calendar as ‘Private Booking’ so that Avondale PC and Avondale Grounds Members are aware grounds have been exclusively booked out.


Important Note:

Current Avondale PC and Grounds Members are exempt from paying any Grounds Hire charge. 


Example:  Coach wishes to have ‘exclusive use’ of the Grounds and has 9 riders and 1 of them is a current PC Member, Coach is responsible for discussing and agreeing with the remaining 8 riders the split of the minimum fee – in this case $31.25 per rider)

Terms of Use

  1. Safety checks to be conducted by Coach ahead of lessons.

  2. Insurance of riders and horses is the responsibility of the Coach or Instructor

  3. Storage shed and stables are not available for use

  4. Toilets will be made accessible, but it is the responsibility of the person booking the grounds that the toilets are locked after use

  5. No horses are to be tied to the club house fence

  6. Show Jumps, cross country course and dressage arena are available for use

  7. Wash bay can be used for washing horses only

  8. Report any broken poles/wings/equipment/gates etc to committee (via email to

  9. Keep area used clean, spread horse manure and left over hay

  10. Comply with any request or instruction that Avondale may provide, particularly with respect to maintaining the usefulness and availability of the grounds for all users


Include details of your booking requirement date, time, number of riders, exclusive or non exclusive use and if any riders are already Avondale PC Members or Avondale Grounds Members.

you are only required to sign this form once a year.

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